Malaysia Population Research Hub

Our Team

NPFDB Management Team

Mr. Abdul Shukur Abdullah
Director General

Mr. Hairil Fadzly Md. Akir
Deputy Director General (Management)

Dr. Mohd Azizuddin Mohd Yussof
Deputy Director General (Policy)

Mr. Irwan Nadzif Mahpul
Director of Population and Family Research

Mr. Ismahalil Ishak
Director of Strategic Planning

Dr. Mohd Azizuddin Mohd Yussof
Director of Human Reproduction

Mrs. Zuraina Mohd Zain
Director of Management Information

Mrs. Rosmonaliza Abdul Ghani
Director of Family Well Being

Mr. Abdul Halil Omar
Director of Human Resource

Mrs. Nafishah Abdullah 
Director of Management Services

People of MPRH

” In this age of information, data is available everywhere and grows at an exponential rate. How can we make sense of all this data? How do we take advantage of data when making decisions? How do we use data to help us guide the management and planning of our policies? Take control of MPRH population data insights and gain a better understanding of the tools used in public policy planning, management, and evaluation. Profound information is key to improve and sound decision-making thus efficient operations for governments.”

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Research & Data Management Unit,
Population & Family Research Division, National Population and Family Development Board